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GoGo Digital is India’s fastest growing Music Distribution Company and also the first digital distribution company to provide free service in the digital economy. GoGo Digital, is a full-service digital music distribution company, was launched in 2012 and has its presence in India, Australia, Bangladesh, and Nepal. We have over 150+ stores worldwide, which allows us to provide you a wide range of audiences for your music. We deliver your songs across multiple formats- Singles, EPS, Albums, Pre-order.

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Generate Revenue from Video Streaming

GoGo Digital provides independent artists, all of the finest record label services while helping them earn more revenue from their video content. With GoGo Digital, you can release your videos on Facebook, Vevo, YouTube, Boomplay, and on many other streaming platforms that will help you generate high revenue and reach a higher audience. You name it and we will release your music catalog to almost on all the popular streaming video services companies.

01 We are the first digital music distribution company in INDIA to provide free service.

02 We endeavor to help our local and regional artists and make good revenue for them. 03 We provide a wide range of audiences for your audio/video content.

04 We have over 100+ stores and distribute songs to all the major players in the music industry.