Why go digital?

  • Be part of the digital convergence that the internet and mobile phone networks enable.
  • Connect your retail space and shop windows that communicate with the outside world.
  • Connect these key spaces to your Digital Tree and your own infrastructure.
  • Extend your digital marketing campaigns, online activity, promotions and social media into your stores and shop windows.
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Improved Communications

What digital can do for you

  • Revolutionise the way you communicate with customers and staff alike
  • Applications are being constantly developed improving information dissemination, customer engagement, marketing, advertising and entertainment
  • Modernise your point-of-sale
  • Engage more passer-by with theatrical imagery
  • Improve social media promotion
  • Add impact to your window displays 24/7
  • Create suite of well designed templates for staff to use
  • Provide better managed promotions
  • Target messages to specific stores

Take control

Pre-programme activity

  • Our unique Content Management System is easy to use
  • Introduce relevant high quality content
  • Promotions can be intelligently linked to:
    • Stock level
    • Time
    • Weather
    • Seasons
    • Events
    • API
  • Enables multiple messaging
  • Maximise existing internal communications using a separate staff channel
  • Full training and support provided
  • Save the business time and money
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Turnkey solution

Managing the whole process

  • We embrace your objectives
  • Channel branding and creation
  • Bespoke screen manufacture to suit
  • Installation and connectivity
  • Training and support
  • Programme research and development
  • Production and content creation
  • Network maintenance
  • Media revenue generation
  • Funding and sponsorship

Flexible packages

Manage your risk and return with 3 options

  • You buy the screens and own the network
    Media revenues go to you
    You pay Go o Digital to manage and support the network

  • 50/50 partnership
    We share costs and income (most popular)

  • We help secure sponsorship to fund the screens and manage the network
    Revenue is normally shared 70/30 in GoGo’s favour

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