Creating a ‘corporate social hub’ for a leading UK bank

This digital signage network was designed to distribute regulatory and compliance information to the employees of a major UK bank. Doing away with their insecure paper noticeboards they can now immediately distribute information across every office and trading floor involved in their London operations – not just in static form either – but in an eye capturing animated digital format.

Now, the idea of a constant barrage of regulatory information appearing on a screen – however well designed – isn’t going to keep any interest up for long! So instead GoGo created a ‘social corporate hub’ that interspersed the corporate content with a diverse mix of UK news, world news, entertainment new, strange news, weather and social feeds from Twitter that encouraged employee interaction. Office managers have an editable slot of their own that they can use to notify the office of Birthdays and get-togethers using our content builders. It’s now become a talking point within the office, and importantly, employee uptake of corporate information has been greatly improved.

This client opted for 55” freestanding units with built in NFC. The NFC worked with the employees ID cards. GoGo developed a system whereby an employee sees a piece of corporate information they wish to learn more about, they can touch their ID cards against an area in the corner of the screen to have that content emailed directly to their inbox.

Nationwide retail digital signage networks

Our bread and butter. It started with the GoGo Golf network – funded by us to demonstrate our ability to create a national advertising network that can pay its way. The golf network the largest sports network in the UK (being seen by over 500,000 ABC1 males every month). We are unique in the fact we allow the golf clubs to access 50% of the screen time using their own online portal. Every other piece of content is the golf clubs own content, and between that it’s national, regional and local advertising – sold in house by the GoGo advertising sales team. We call it the ‘digital noticeboard’ and think the combination of local content and advertising gives our screens an edge. By allowing this local control we also don’t have to pay location rent – which drops our overheads significantly.

The multi-tiered granular users access control comes as standard with our CMS. It can be modified to suit unique needs – or switched off completely.