Target ABC1’s while they’re relaxed and playing golf on the UK’s largest golfcentric digital signage network

The tranquillity and sophistication of Golf has challenged the worlds greatest minds for over 100 years. GoGo Digital Media has designed a digital noticeboard that allows Golf Clubs to stylishly display their internal promotions, creating a central hub of information for visitors, whilst allowing advertisers unique access to a rich and varied demographic.

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Realise the opportunity

Effectively target ABC1 individuals while they ‘re relaxed and at play through our premium digital noticeboards located at top quality golf courses and driving ranges. This unique setting offers direct access to priority individuals and unprecedented levels of unprompted ad/brand recall.

An excellent opportunity to build brand stature and awareness, encourage the trial and use of your product and to educate opinion-forming consumers. Offers excellent direct response rates along with point of sale direction.

Average monthly audience

Network by numbers

Would “absolutely recommend” GoGo
Clubs members experience is enhanced
Rounds played per week
Members across participating clubs
Male audience
Use noticeboard for daily infomation
Guest green fees taken every year
Member clubs and growing!

Unprecedented dwell times

Look for more than 60 seconds per loop 36%
Look for 30 to 60 seconds per loop 50%

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